SILVA – ‘Like A Doll’ – Touching and intimate dream-pop from London newcomers.

London quartet SILVA bathe in dream pop excellence on ‘Like A Doll’.

Cutting a dreamy soundscape, London four-piece SILVA‘s sound drifts from the sun-kissed early evenings of Los Angeles to the murkier waters of modern-day London. Like A Doll is awash with wavering synths and a bass-driven sound that encapsulates the feeling of daydream romance, cymbals crash and prickly guitar lines drift in and out of focus.

There is an eery sense of uncertainly deep within the underbelly of the band’s sound, delicate and ghostly vocals pick apart the building instrumentation adding waves of emotional turmoil to the tight-knit, rolling drum structures. SILVA harness the close-knit intimacy of bands such as The xx and Warpaint, whilst welcoming in their own sprawling instrumental builds and touching vocal harmonies, the four-piece mould a haunting world of their own.

The band will headline London institute The Old Blue Last on July 7th alongside Blue Bendy.


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