Happy Couple – ‘Feel Better’ – A dramatic wall of noise rock excellence.

Brighton-based trio Happy Couple unveil debut single ‘Feel Better’


Happy Couple have caged a tightly wound sonic beast within their debut single Feel Better. It’s a punchy affair, aggressive and forthcoming too, as the trio wear their noise rock influences on their darkened sleeves. The band harness an otherworldly energy, the track is bound by intricate drums yet has a slow burning groove which is chopped and brought to a dramatic halt at will, creating a feeling of insecurity and dramatic unease.

The band have it in their power to pick up the experimental/ noise rock baton left simmering by Dublin four-piece Girl Band, or some would say by Sonic Youth themselves. Behind the gripping wall of sound lies a sweet and delicate vocal, seemingly cornered and poised to attack drifting through nothingness.

Happy Couple are set to release an EP later on in 2018, and for those of us who find romance in the darker corners of life, this will certainly be a release to watch out for.


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headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson





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