Live review: Trudy and the Romance @ The Western, Brighton.

Trudy – like every good romance – have an undeniable chemistry.

The Great Escape Festival promised new music but I longed for something old. Every gig seemed to merge with one other creating a fuzzy and vague sensation of repetitiveness. But Trudy and the Romance were different. They emanated a humble light which is rare to see on the indie scene. The top room of The Western pub, cosy and empty thus far, invited me to stand in sceptic anticipation, hands empty of phones and cigarettes I looked around to see who I shared the room with.

Oliver Taylor of Trudy and the Romance could barely sing as his smile kidnapped his words. Hugging his guitar, a broken chuckle served as an opening sentence to Baby, I’m Blue, a sea-side melody reminiscent of surf harmonies. Sunlight poured through a window in the pub, kissing the stage on which Alex Stephens and his red nails graciously pushed keys to Is There a Place I Can Go. On bass, Lewis Rollinson almost forgets to provide backing vocals as Brad Mullins on drums kindly reminds him to. All members seemed genuinely delighted to be playing together. This was the place to be.

Unlike other shows, whereby each member fades introspectively into their own corner, members of Trudy – like every good romance – have an undeniable chemistry. Their sound is an irreducible one. Their fluidity, driven by their blues and 50’s rock and roll tendencies, certainly stirs up ‘that melancholic purple in your heart.’ I left the venue with the biggest fat old grin. Outside, Brighton’s sea was a calm purple-grey. Who would’ve known that being blue could feel so good?


Live Review: The Snivellers @ The Pipeline, Brighton.

Melby – ‘Reject’ – Tightly wound, psych-tinged dream pop from Sweden. 

Goat Girl – ‘Viper Fish’ – A dark and soul stirring stop-motion vision of the future.

headofhearinglogov5By Hannah Santos


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