Shady Gringos – ‘London Trash’ – An unhinged steamroller of punk-rock venom

London lot Shady Gringos and the raucous punk-rock rumble of ‘London Trash’.

London Trash is the raucous, ramshackle punk-rock rumble of London outfit Shady Gringos. The track, over and done before you can stomach it’s ferocity, throws itself head first into a full throttle attack on the city it calls home.

The track’s savage drumming builds and rolls at lightning pace, harnessed only by a driving bass line that stays neck and neck threatening collapse at any given moment. The the track cuts sharp shapes and the pinpoint guitar flicks between psychedelia and straight up punk-rock urges. The lyrics are spat out with such a venomous force that they shake and split over into the boundless rhythm, forming an unhinged steamroller of sound blurring the lines between psych-rock and straight up punk.

Shady Gringos bring their shock-horror brand of rock and roll to the Old Blue Last this coming Saturday (June 2nd), which is set to be a noisy affair.

Ghum + Shady Gringos @ Old Blue Last, Shoreditch – FREE



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headofhearinglogov5 (2)By Karl Johnson



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