Jockstrap – ‘Charlotte’ – Breathtaking intimacy and haunting electronic minimalism

Breathtaking intimacy and haunting electronic minimalism – Jockstrap reveal the video for their second release ‘Charlotte‘.

📸 Maxwell Granger 

As haunting as it is arresting, ‘Charlotte’ is the unique new single from the newly formed electronic duo of Jockstrap. Comprised of Guildhall School of Music and Drama students Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye, Jockstrap manage to create a breathtaking intimacy from unassumingly complex and minimalistic musical elements.

Their debut track ‘I Want Another Affair’ only appeared in December but already the duo have coalesced fragmentary elements of warped electronics, PC Music production and more than a hint of neo-soul into a a startlingly accomplished whole. ‘Charlotte’ is a distinctly darker proposition than their jaunty and jazz-indebted debut. This is clearly mirrored by a video that appears awash with a strange digital haze, giving it a cold and eerie feel, much like that of the track itself. Yet here lies the juxtaposition at the heart of Jockstrap’s sound. At once, their music and visuals appear detached and distant, yet they draw you in with delicate vocals; or in the case of the accompanying video, by extreme close-ups and direct eye contact with the viewer. Intimacy is exposed to a subtle and probing scrutiny.


Rarely do acts arrive so fully fledged, not only with a certain sound to call their own but also with a striking visual aesthetic that feels like such a fitting representation of their aural output.

Jockstrap will be performing as a four-piece band for the first time at the Old Blue Last alongside Barbudo and Terravi on 17th March.


JOCKSTRAP – Upcoming shows:


MAR 17 – Barbudo + Jockstrap + Terravi @ The Old Blue Last – FREE


APR 1 – Milk Disco + Ellie Bleach + Jockstrap + Big Tears + Suitman Jungle + Tree House @ Sebright Arms – FREE



5 minutes with… MILK DISCO

Big Tears – ‘Dive‘ – Driving 80’s feel synth-pop excellence

5 minutes with… GOAT GIRL


headofhearinglogov5 (1)

By George Percival



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