Pizzagirl – ‘Carseat’ – A strong second statement of blissful electro-pop

Aintree’s Pizzagirl has dropped his second slice of 80’s vibes electro-pop in the form of Carseat via Manchester label Heist or Hit.

The release follows on neatly from debut track Favourite Song unveiled back in early January, revealing the start of a smart collection of heartfelt dream-pop nuggets. Read about Favourite Song here.

Pizzagirl – “Carseat is an ode to the non-drivers of the world (like myself), the bold and beautiful ones who have control over the music on every journey, whether it be far or wide. So relax, tune in to pizzagirlFM, kick back in the passenger seat and bop away!

Carseat builds on the retro electro-pop of Liam Brown’s debut, part dancefloor euphoria, part introspective headphone intimacy. It’s hard to tell from such an early stage, but you can almost envisage the ambient synths and blissful vocals of Carseat lighting up small festival tents in the not so distant future. Such is the ambition within the songwriting and the nostalgic nature of the wordplay within Pizzagirl‘s second single, it doesn’t feel too much of a leap to imagine this lo-fi bedroom project morph into something somewhat larger. With a sound that is perhaps better represented in mainland Europe or the sun-kissed shores of Australia, it may be a surprise for many to hear the origins of Pizzagirl‘s music hark back to Merseyside, but such is the strength and diversity of the region’s musical output, it remains Britain’s best kept secret no more.

Pizzagirl joins labelmates Her’s on a UK tour through April and May.




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By Karl Johnson



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