5 minutes with… MILK DISCO

Feature photo by Alexandra Waespi

Stood by the punch bowl at the office party I caught up with Milk Disco frontman Matt Robinson, we talked shop on the eve of the release of their new single.


5 minutes with… MILK DISCO

You recently curated your own night in an old cinema in east London, why was it important to do something yourself and slightly off the beaten gig track?

“It’s really good fun to ‘do our own thing’ and pick bands we really like to come play with us. We have plans to do more in the future.”


Your debut musical introduction to the band was ‘Welcome To The Milk Disco’, it felt like an intro to your overall sound. What can we expect for your next release?

“The next single we’re putting out is called ‘Twisted  Wheel‘, it was the first song I wrote that I thought I could apply different ideas to sonically, it’s about giving up and accepting the consequences.”



What new music is on your walkman at the moment?

Delegation, Skip Mahoney,  Clor Late of the Pier & anything from Ministry Of Sounds’ – Floorfillers Classics.”


Kanye is rumoured to be serving Christmas dinner to the less fortunate in Hollywood this year, and performing after, are you planning anything similar or special towards the end of the year?

“We certainly do, but I can’t tell you what they are right now… ”


When Milk Disco reform in 15 years time to play a come back stadium tour of  U.K, who will be your support acts?

“A hologram projection of George Michael doing the hits.”


Credit – Hannah & Joana


MILK DISCO – Upcoming shows:

SEP 28 – The Windmill, Brixton – 28/09 (Single Launch)



Big Tears – ‘Dive‘ – Driving 80’s feel synth-pop excellence

Jockstrap – ‘Charlotte‘ – Breathtaking intimacy and haunting electronic minimalism

5 minutes with… GOAT GIRL



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By Karl Johnson





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