Crimewave return with new single ‘Expendable’ via Do Your Best, and the results are surreal.

Crimewave move into uncharted waters and lay the foundations for the cutting and stretching of shoegaze 2.0.

Words by Daisy Fitzgerald

Crimewave take us back to the 90s with new single Expendable. Hailing from Newcastle and Manchester the band are at the forefront of the fight to bring back shoegaze from the 90s – and make it their own. The first listen feels like tripping, but not in a field of flowers on a day full of sunshine, more in a busy London pub full of interruptions and confusion. The cutting and stretching of sounds is obscure and reminiscent of the trips we took during Screamadelica from Primal Scream, whilst providing a good old fashioned bop to go along with.

Combining modern electronic elements and a Jesus and Mary Chain-esque wall of sound, new single Expendable is surreal yet personal. The band push a mixed bag of ideas to their limits and create a track that feels futuristic and full of frenetic experimentation, which is sure to become part of Crimewave’s staple sound – which includes a hazy and distant vocal delivery reminiscent of earlier single Barcode. The subject matter addresses the contempt the UK government have shown towards homeless people over the past decade, and how life has only gotten harder for these people during the pandemic. Crimewave share the important message that these people are not expendable.

Digitally manipulated guitars are indistinguishable from synthesisers on this track, and it is surprising to hear that no synths were used. Sonically Crimewave are an extremely clever outfit, and paired with a spine-chilling vocal and echoes of the darker underlying atmosphere, this is a project with something to say and a sexy and exciting way of saying it. Expendable is out now on Do Your Best Records, who’ve made the track’s stems available for anyone to remix.