On ‘Loose Change’ London’s Jaws The Shark return with another explosive cut.

Escapist and anthemic, the London outfit expand their lo-fi-inspired and grunge-led back catalogue to great effect.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Anna Hach

One of the new acts to make an impact during the gruelling pandemic that tore through the heart of any 2020 plans was Jaws The Shark. You get the impression that listeners may have turned to bands such as this for escapism, in this case pure anthemic escapism, a shot of adrenaline straight from Jaws The Shark‘s – aka Olly Bailey’s – DIY bedroom set up to the living quarters of our own lockdown bubbles. On new cut Loose Change, and with YAK drummer Elliot Rawson picking up the sticks, the project shows no sign of slowing down.

On the cusp of their sold out London date next week (May 19th) at Signature Brew, what better time to drop a new single. Loose Change doubles down on the band’s February release Demon Dream, it’s a cranial rock anthem built through simplicity but subtly hook-driven to it’s limits. The project’s lo-fi roots offer a grit and rawness to the sound with nods to 90s alternative, but the tidal rise and fall pop hooks align it with the likes of (the now sadly defunct) unstoppable garage rock outfit Spring King – yet heavier and more explosive.

Vocalist Olly Bailey notes, “Loose Change is a song that I wrote about trying to help a friend that is unwilling to help themselves. It’s a song about not dwelling on the past and past mistakes, but trying to look forward, towards a fresh start and a clearer path.”

Loose Change is out now via London’s Nice Swan Records, expect to hear more from Jaws The Shark in 2021.