QLOWSKI share touching new single ‘Lotta Continua’ ahead of their debut album.

Bask in the delicate interplay between the driving bass and Orange Juice-esque guitars, but the real power lies in the vocal combination.

Words: Scott Rimington | Photo: Patrick Smith

Following on from their excellent previous release A Woman, self-described ‘twee punks’ Qlowski return with the second single from their forthcoming debut album Quale Futuro? (out June 4th on Maple Death Records).

Lotta Continua translates as ‘continuous struggle’, and the track itself is dedicated to the YPJ, an all-female socialist and feminist militia fighting against ISIS in the Syrian civil war, for women’s emancipation and the liberation of the Syrian people. The video, directed by frontman Michele Tellarini, features heartening stock footage of the YPJ themselves, intercut with chilling scenes of desolation and destruction.

Addressing such a serious and sobering topic through the medium of song is tricky, but Qlowski have approached it with an admirably calm sensitivity. Musically, there is some lovely, delicate interplay between the driving bass and Orange Juice-esque guitars, but the track’s real power lies in the combined vocals of Tellarini and Cecilia Copari (who is also a member of exciting London punks Ghost Car). Their wistful delivery of the chorus refrain (‘too young to die, too young to be remembered’) brings home the weight and poignancy of the subject matter, but there is an undeniable spirit of optimism and urgency that makes Lotta Continua a truly invigorating listen.

If all of this floats your boat, then June 4th is definitely a date for your 2021 diary, as Qlowski will be throwing a (socially distanced) album launch party at Hackney’s MOTH Club. You can also catch them at this year’s Great Escape Festival on 12th – 15th May. Miss them at your peril!