Talk Show cover new ground on collaborative effort ‘Trouble’.

The London quartet dive into uncharted waters on new dance-inspired collaboration.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: David J East

Talk Show have thrown us a curveball, an unexpected collaboration with Bristol house music producer Eli Brown, and you know what – it works. You may have heard the intense and anxiety-inducing electronic version of the track (here) that sits nicely with Brown’s back catalogue, but Talk Show have thrown us a ‘live session’ set up to really expand on the track in more instrumental form.

Known for their early 80’s tone post-punk, Talk Show move into darker, dance-laded territory on Trouble. Whether this marks a slight shift in intent from the Peckham-based band or if it’s a one-off collaboration to simply tickle our post-pandemic taste buds, the end result is the same – it’s another banger added to their back catalogue.

The live session was produced by Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard, seemingly in an attempt to push the band into unchartered waters, vocalist Harrison Swann notes, “Getting into the studio to record the track with Joe and Al at the helm was a really great progression. The track evolved to become a different kind of beast. I did feel like I had to step up and deliver. Just when I went in to do the vocal takes, I do remember standing there in the vocal booth thinking, ‘right. I’ve gotta fucking blow this mic off it’s hinges’..”

If you were quick enough to nab a ticket for our Hard Of Hearing presents show at The George Tavern, London with Talk Show, deep tan, Fake Turins and Cagework in June, we’ll see you there. Find Talk Show on Spotify here.