Fake Turins journey into groove-heavy, floral-psych on ‘Evergrown’.

A song about potential, reflecting on our grandiose visions of self and letting our past aspirations wilt.

Through the eyes of someone who has never lived in a warehouse, nor been part of that community, the rose-tinted image of people creating art and music freely with the hustle and bustle of surrounding creative energy appears to be a lifechanging experience. As the rolling lockdowns of 2020 start to curve into our collective rear-view, I imagine those collective warehouse spaces may start to breathe easier once again. With Fake Turins‘ central force stemming from the North London warehouses of Haringey and Tottenham, the last year must have been locational mismatch.

As luck would have it, the band were able to get into a studio to record, a reclaimed and airy hidden chapel in the heart of seaside Ramsgate would provide the perfect escape for recording. Over a weekend with producer Syd Kemp (bassist of Ulrika Spacek), known for his work with Thurston Moore, Vanishing Twin and Sinead O’Brien, the band recorded live to tape. The result was Evergrown, a spacious yet tightly-wound exhibition of floral psychedelia that captures the cinematic feel of a big band set up.

Evergrown is a song about potential, reflecting on our grandiose visions of self and
letting our past aspirations wilt to make room for a new reality. Or as the band put it, “The narrative of the video follows the theme of the song, a story of letting go of our perceptions and surrendering to our futures. The talented Mark Duggan plays Dominic Rose (vocalist), walking through the halls of his mind to confront his apparitions.“ The video was filmed under lockdown conditions with a small crew and directed by Mars Washington and edited by Jack Satchell. The director of photography was Victor De Halleux and the stylist Julia Salmon.

Fake Turins are set to headline The Lexington on July 30th with the theme of the evening being “one of collective psychedelia,” complete with special guests, find tickets here. Find the band on Spotify here.