Bristol post-punk quartet Slagheap unleash the raucous ‘Caffeine’.

Slagheap help us reminisce on the jitters of young love through the raw charm of post-punk.

Words by Cherry Walker

It’s fair to say we’ve all had our fair share of crushes. The nervousness, the butterflies, the gut punch of energy. Something akin to drinking a lot of caffeine in one sitting. At least that’s how Bristol four-piece Slagheap describe it, and we can’t help but agree. With vivacious drums and a bassline that feels exactly like that nervous gut punch, alongside beautifully anharmonic guitars, Slagheap’s newest single Caffeine is nothing if not a treat for the ears.

Instrumentally, the piece paints a visceral picture of these feelings that so many of us are used to. Accompanied by spirited vocals, Caffeine is synonymous with the DIY roots that Slagheap have grown as a band, whilst bearing an unique energy that sits them apart from the pack.

The four-piece manage to bring the charm of a jam-packed live show into their recorded tracks, the intro of the recording gives us an insight into the band’s relationship and oozes a giddy and tight-knit bond. Caffeine allows us to feel as though we are right there alongside them in the room.

Arriving ahead of Slagheap’s upcoming full-length album, Caffeine is the second single cut from the record due out on Spurge Records. Find the band on Spotify here.