Melbourne garage rock trio Hideous Sun Demon unleash ‘Squitter’.

Carefree and unstoppable, the Aussie outfit look to push guitar music to it’s limits.

Words by Karl Johnson

The Australian band have brought a serious energy to their new single Squitter, alongside an unabashed and quick witted sense of humour. Whether the subject matter is real life or fictional we’re so far unsure, as the band put it, “Is it a real word or did Vincent just make it up to annoy his British friends?” The proof is in the pudding, or in this case a jagged and punk-fuelled lamington which explodes in the bag over 2 minutes and 22 seconds on your stroll home.

Harnessing the ferocious and lightning-paced riffs and instrumental drive of Swedish heroes The Hives with a pinch of Viagra Boys‘ no fucks given approach to rock music, Hideous Sun Demon are adding weight to the argument that Australia is certainly the new home to various exciting strands of guitar music.

Squitter may be the rocket fuel you need to get out of bed in the morning after a year of lockdown life, it’s instantly charming with an untamed energy that wraps you up in the story of one poor person’s unfortunate incident. Find the band on Spotify here.