Lo-fi punk charm and a jagged social commentary: Who is Todd Briefly?

Through gritty instrumentation and bedroom production, Todd Briefly offers escapism by the bucketload.

Words by Karl Johnson

Through the thick emotionally-drenched fog of lockdown appears Todd Briefly. Existing purely in the present with lyrics that revel in the intricacies of a normal day-to-day existence, Todd Briefly effortlessly brings life to the mundane. With quick-witted passages of lyricism to the casual talk of dreams of travelling by boat on the English waterways, the London project’s mini-album Demos is much more than just a collection of lo-fi garage rock tracks.

The single which proceeded the mini-album release is catchily entitled The Extensive Waterways Of The United Kingdom, and harnesses the gritty guitar pop of pre-punk legends Lou Reed or Jonathan Richman. The track’s escapist feel and driving instrumental ferocity pushes you straight into your own daydreams while offering an angular strut that points straight towards the dancefloor.

Fans of The Cool Greenhouse will find a lot to love here, each track on Todd Briefly’s mini-album builds on the storytelling of the project and offers a unique insight into a surprisingly optimistic view of modern life in Britain. Demos is available via limited edition cassette via Just Step Sideways. Find the band on Spotify here.