Brighton outfit ELLIS•D share the jangly and emotive ‘Nature’s Game’.

With anxiety and emotion at it’s core, ‘Nature’s Game’ wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve and attempts to understand the new world we exist in.

Words by Karl Johnson

Whether it’s the tempo of the drumming or the accompanying driving bass groove – even perhaps the jangling guitar sound – there’s something instantly satisfying about ELLIS•D‘s new single Nature’s Game. My mind wanders to mid-80s Manchester, The Smiths in particular, then to Jeff Buckley and on to noughties indie greats. I could carry on, but perhaps the charm of this particular track is that it’s not easy to pin down, such are the large array of influences on display.

The project throws up images of the catchy yet spiritually carefree output of Mystery Jets. What is for sure is that the anxiety-inducing vocal delivery of Ellis Dickson opens up a world of it’s own, the balance of the ferocity in the verses contrasting with a dreamy and drifting chorus section really cuts deep. In the same way as the above mentioned artists, lyrics are at the core of the project, and it’s through multiple listens whereby the message becomes clear and cutting. The last year has thrown into question everything that we have known to be true, what was cemented can now feel shaky and what felt unattainable now feels freer and more reachable. Our mind knows us best yet it can be our biggest limitation, whether it’s a distortion of a romantic interest or future aspirations, the hardest battle may be fought within ourselves.

Vocalist Ellis Dickson states: “To me, love is not merely a concept but an undeniable truth – however the past year has unmasked brutal realities to many of us that we are perhaps not primarily compelled to stay together by compatibility and attraction alone, but by a deep feeling of comfort that you get from having someone beside you to share in the emotive rollercoaster of modern life.”

Nature’s Game arrives on March 30th via Brighton DIY Label Change The F*cking Records! It acts as the follow up to ELLIS•D‘s stellar lockdown EP Isolation Sessions. Find the band on Spotify here.