The Lounge Society share the politically-charged psych of ‘Cain’s Heresy’.

The band mirror a discontent felt by a new generation throughout their scathing sonic onslaught.

Words: Rob Broadbent | Photo: Piran-Aston

Greetings sonic wayfarer, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, seems we’re heading in the same direction. Let us ramble, nay – saunter(!) through the sounds of the English thicket, keep your ears pricked and your feet moving with vim, as we journey through the audio landscape bestowed upon us by Yorkshire four piece The Lounge Society, with their latest release Cain’s Heresy. The single (released on Speedy Wunderground – who complete a hat-trick of The Lounge Society releases with this unveiling) follows on from surefire foot-tapper Burn The Heather. Like its predecessor, it delivers yet another dose of frenetic guitar energy and vocals that punctuate a jangled pulsing, with commentary on the sorry state of this forsaken island “the face of the nation bloodied and bruised / a leopard print echo of yesterday’s news,” pointed, poignant … party on.

For me, at its very core the output of this band to date mirrors a discontent felt by a new generation – their music imbuing the feeling of a coiled spring ready to explode into action – action likely to be seen on a stage in a sweaty venue near you in 2021. It’s at this point in the review that I’d usually say ‘if you catch one band when this shit show is over, make it this lot,’ but it looks like most (if not all?) of their UK shows are sold out, in which case I recommend you get down to the venue anyway, see what you can hear from round the back by the bins and buy the record off the band when they’re loading in the van. Find the band on Spotify here.