Medium Love’s ‘New Pyramids’ questions our impact on a plastic planet.

‘New Pyramids’ echoes the curtain fall of an environmental disaster movie.

Words by Karl Johnson

What will we leave behind as human beings to be remembered in decades or centuries to come? Perhaps, if you’re like me, you’re planning to answer all of these questions after lockdown, when this paralysing sense of self-awareness has time (and some warmer weather) to defrost. But if we have to face this question right now, what better way to do it than through a riff-heavy and ethereal alternative rock track that has seemingly arrived just in time to usher the spring season through the door (and close that very door to the harsh year of 2020).

Riding a wave of woozy synths and propelled by titanic riffs New Pyramids echoes the curtain fall of an environmental disaster movie. Dramatic and atmospheric in both it’s instrumentation and subject matter, Medium Love have produced something that not only kicks like a carthorse, but also shed’s a thoughtful light on one of the most important issues facing humankind.

“Things feel like they keep moving faster,” states Medium Love songwriter Kacey Underwood “and it doesn’t seem like we can slow down. It makes me thing about what lasts. I have a deep interest in the Pyramids of Giza. I started to think about what would be left of us if it did all go south, which would just be tonnes of plastic floating in the ocean and in the trees. Might as well do something with it all and make our own monument to our new gods.”

New Pyramids feels like the awakening of a beast within, an inflatable dingy that has floated just out of reach in the ocean and all eyes are on the perfect setting sun behind it. The pleasure of our consumerist existence acts as the perfect excuse and distraction. Find Medium Love on Spotify here.