Melbourne’s CLAMM slam authority and oppression on ‘Keystone Pols’.

CLAMM claw at the eyes of oppression and spark a fire within on their razor-sharp new release.

Words: Cherry Walker | Photo: Oscar O’Shea

In a world full of cameras and a society run but such a strict hierarchy, it’s easy to see and fear authority figures in every moment; it’s much harder to criticise them. Newly emerging Australian outfit CLAMM open their account with their fists fully clenched on new single Keystone Pols – complete with a track name cleverly derived from a film about useless cops.

Sometimes simplicity is the best route and this is definitely the case with Keystone Pols; hitting us with lyrics that are straightforward yet thoughtful and ominous, CLAMM treat us to another perspective – ‘one of the man in charge.’ With vocalist Jack Summers harsh and powerful delivery, lyrics such as, “you don’t see me but I see you,” remind us that the proverbial ‘big brother,’ is always watching whether we like it or not.

Keystone Pols is a track full of sharp edges, with blinding guitar riffs and an unforgivingly powerful drum beat that make us want to stand up and face the world with fists raised. The track’s rawness gives it an unrivalled charm in a world where it’s common to hide one’s true thoughts; with the entire world at its wit’s end, we’re delighted to see CLAMM truly question oppression, fuzzed mechanical guitar and all.

 We have been given just a taste of the Melbourne trio’s unique brand of rawness and honesty; they promise us more to come from within their debut album Beseech Me, out April 9th on Meat Machine Records. The album itself was recorded with Nao Anzai and mixed and mastered by Total Control’s Mikey Young. Find the band on Spotify here.