Misha Ostrov shares the soul-stirring and cutting ‘Does It Bother You?’

A swirling sense of nostalgia and a contrast of uncertainty and hope.

Where 2020 ends and when 2021 will actually start we do not yet know. What a new year can always bring is a sense of a fresh start and drawing a line under the past. Reflecting this perfect contrast of uncertainty and hope is Does It Bother You?, the new single by Misha Ostrov. Returning with their third single, the trio bind the dark-hearted nature of gothic rock with a soul-stirring spoken word delivery.

Rigid drumming and a flowing bass groove flows beneath the track as guitars cut through the icy atmosphere, vocally the track picks apart inner thoughts and insecurities yet pushes us to somewhere warm and euphoric. Does It Bother You? never allows itself to rest on the negative, and in truth allows itself to exercise it’s demons in open air, counting out it’s anxieties against a surge of razor sharp riffs and a wash of watertight instrumental noise.

Touches of The Cure, Pavement and even Ulrika Spacek line the sound of Misha Ostrov’s output, with Does It Bother You? marking a slight sonic shift on their early work. Find the band on Spotify here.