Noon Garden, the project of Flamingods’ Charles Prest share tropical pop debut.

‘Dud Day’ is the exotic and hypnotic psych pop debut from Flamingods’ Charles Prest.

Noon Garden is the solo project of one of Flamingods founding members Charles Prest. Dud Day is the debut single and finds Prest expressing the frustrations of many in 2020, with a psych pop gem that explores the feeling of inactivity and a lack of inspiration. Noon Garden’s debut single is a kaleidoscopic tapestry that traverses through the multiple-dimensional spectrum of psychedelia. Further exploring the intoxicating and mind-bending sound palette of Flamingods, Noon Garden delivers a fantastic frolic of exotic psychedelic pop.  

Charles Prest delves into the track’s origins and states, “I’m sure everyone has wrestled with a few dud days over lockdown, lyrically this was about airing out frustrations by letting my mind run in search for spots of inspiration and optimism on those types of days. I’m a big fan of sludgy bass and drum rhythms that I wanted to blend with cycling guitar and vocal techniques elevated with cathartic synth chords inspired by 80s pop classics.” 

Rewind into summer season (can you feel a cooling breeze combatting that stifling heat?) and explore your own inner self. Jet set with Noon Garden for a heady dose of Vitamin D. Find the band on Spotify here.

Words by Brad Sked.