An ode to friendship, Sunnbrella return with the anthemic ‘It’s Cool’.

What started out as a slow-burning bedroom pop recording project for North London-based songwriter David Zbirka’s washed out and ever so dreamy sound, has arrived sounding fully formed, cleaner cut and with meat on the bone. It’s Cool is the new release and arrives through London tastemakers Permanent Creeps Records, from the outset Sunnbrella has truly felt like a vehicle for the expression of human emotion. 2018 saw debut single Feeling Invisible arrive, a track that sounded like a dream within a dream, complete with cosy and deeply buried vocal hooks connected through a loner-pop sentiment.

Fast forward to Autumn 2020 and new single It’s Cool feels like the perfect development. The track’s weaving guitars, hook-laden vocal and heart-wrenching atmosphere is a coming together of Sunnbrella’s key components. Watch the touching music video – produced and directed by Zbirka himself – for It’s Cool here. You get the impression that this new single marks the start of a new journey for Sunnbrella, after all, dreaming big is the new dream pop. Find Sunnbrella on Spotify here.

Words by Karl Johnson