Attawalpa’s spellbinding charm continues on eery pop gem ‘Killer’.

Attawalpa seem perfectly adept in creating haunting pop music. We know this already from their summer single Done Hanging On. The spark of their new release arrives in the form of an underlying nervousness and eery feeling that stirs deep within the bowels of the project. With groove and unyielding rhythm as it’s ally, Attawalpa’s new single Killer is a psych-stained, oddball pop triumph.

Lyrically unsettling, Killer takes us on a cruise through the hook-laded and emotionally crushing seas of death and love. One thing is for sure, we will all drop dead, and Attawalpa have arrived to soundtrack the process. Religious imagery and twisted romantic sentiment rise to the surface of the track through it’s lyrics, it’s playful, dark and clashes stunningly with the song’s hook-laden chorus that will echo within your hippocampus for days to come.

The guitars on Killer reverberate while exercising restraint, cold keys thud and icy textures ripple threateningly beneath the warmth of the vocal delivery, if death is this atmospheric and as beautiful a journey, it’s certainly nothing to fear. Attawalpa’s music video is a must-see, find it here. Follow the band via Spotify here.

Words by Karl Johnson