Bristol’s pop enthusiasts JUMBO land sunny side up on ‘Fluorescence/ Mouse’.

Sifting through the ever-growing list of pandemic themed laments to have graced this sick and twisted year, dare we ask, ‘what’s left’? Thankfully, for our heavying hearts, a handful of happy-go-lucky dream pop enthusiasts landing sunny side up…if you know where to look. Providing a compelling starting point, we’re proud to premiere the double A-side Fluorescence / Mouse from Bristol hailing duo JUMBO.

Cut from the makeup of SLONK and Fenne Lily, this latest project sees Joe Sherrin and Kane Eagle doing quite literally everything in twos, and smiling ear to ear whilst they’re at it. Like pop music’s scuzzy younger brother, first single Fluorescence gets stuck in on its fuzz-tinged melody and offshore ‘ba-ba-bahs’. Harnessing the magnetism of a Slowdive number, the track freefalls along a dizzying dance of hazy keys and lightheaded riffs. If you’re not feeling suitably uplifted by the end – which only the blackest of souls could not – then follow up track Mouse will be sure to get the job done.

Opting for a more laidback tempo, swelling guitars pave the way for a pleasing ride of easy-breezy listening. Inherently catchy yet grungy in delivery, the song finds its boyish charm in the lo-fi edge to Sherrin and Kane’s ensemble vocals. Ever the optimists, you can’t help but feel a couple of pounds lighter bopping unwittingly along to their bright-sided lyrics, ‘nothing to talk about could be something to talk about’. We’ll clink to that with our glasses half full.

An effervescent sophomore release, the west country lads are set to end 2020 basking in a much-needed dose of sonic sunshine. To the choirs of angels out there, we suggest you go back to the job centre and leave the cheering up this festive season to JUMBO .

Words by Laura Pegler