Australia’s Babe Rainbow share mouth-watering psych pop gem ‘Zeitgeist’.

Returning in fine form following their criminally underrated 2019 full-length album Today – arguably one of the finest psychedelic records of last year – Australian outfit Babe Rainbow offer up new single Zeitgeist, a sun-bleached and mouth-watering offering. The quartet’s new release drops us gently into a world of tropical psychedelic pop, a sonic existence where wandering barefoot through a starfruit filled and plentiful allotment is everyday life. The New South Wales outfit are located within popular surf spot and tropical paradise Byron Bay, it comes as no surprise that their music reflects their environment.

Zeitgeist exists in a psychedelic wonderland, where the sun itself seemingly dances through a kaleidoscopic skyline. Specs of water from a prismatic waterfall slowly drift through the air, we can do nothing but giggle at the sheer folly of the situation while enjoying the pleasure of a never melting Calypso lolly. Babe Rainbow are an experience, music for the soul and a love letter to Mother Nature itself. Listen first to their new track Zeitgeist then sink into last year’s LP Today for a deeper dive into their hypnagogic and truly healing sound.

The track arrives via Australian label Flightless Records (King Gizzard, Amyl and the Sniffers, Oh Sees) and will be released on double A-side 7″ vinyl on December 4th. Find the band on Spotify here.

Words by Brad Sked.