Brighton psych-rock outfit Dez Dare unveil ‘So Cold, Josephine’ EP.

The pebble beach of South Coast musical hotspot Brighton may be off the agenda for a tinny for those who can’t handle the biting cold temperature, but the rhythm of the undercurrent and the shimmering waters still seemingly have an impact on the city’s residents all year round. Though Brighton artist Dez Dare’s music may seek the sun-scorched desert plains of far away lands, at it’s core it harnesses the uptight psychedelic vibrations and knife-edge emotion of this very country.

Released this month, Dez Dare’s EP So Cold, Josephine is a blast of warm air – reminiscent of stepping out of a temperature-controlled aeroplane onto sweating tarmac – the EP’s four tracks and 9 minutes and 34 seconds of existence create a psych-fuelled and punk-tinged space blanket for the soul.

From the rolling rhythm of the Lou Reed-esque Monkey, Monkey to the fuzz-friendly interlude Maybe Things Aren’t So Bad, Dez Dare explore the many tangents of fluid rock music. As the EP progresses we dive deeper into the heavier and more mind-bending influences of the release, She’s Got a River in her Heart moves with a Thee Oh Sees dynamic; riff-ready and groove-ridden.

The winning moment is left until the final track Golden Heartbreak Ideology arrives, a sprawling spoken word number that shifts shape with ease and balances the progressive nature of psychedelic rock with a subtle punk framed delivery. So Cold, Josephine disappears as quickly as it arrives but leaves a lasting taste for more. Find the band on Spotify here.