Cut from his debut LP, Dan Lyons shares the introspective ‘Thin Black Duke’.

Dan Lyons’ UK tour in support of his debut album SubSuburbia – an emotionally cutting and introspective semi-fictional journey through americana-stained indie pop – has been on ice since March of this year. New track Thin Black Duke is cut from that very record and shows Dan Lyons as an artist who is unafraid to look to the past for his sonic cues while lyrically painting a colourful vision of the future.

Pulling together crystal clear and melodic choruses that echo Rubber Soul-era The Beatles alongside verses that pop with the lo-fi colour palette of New Zealand heroes The Clean, Thin Black Duke stings with the subtlety and magic of alternative pop at it’s finest. Lyons talks of the track’s otherworldly lyrical content, “It’s a three chord ditty in the style of lots of my favourite bands… It’s about a guy who’s out of control hedonistic, insisting that he’s the king of rock ’n’ roll and trying to pull his lover down with him into the abyss. His conscience gets the better of him and he eventually gives up and decides that she’s better off just hanging out with her friends”.

Previously known for his work in London’s strange and brilliant psych outfit Phobophobes, Dan Lyons finds a new path with his solo material. Find Dan Lyons on Spotify here.