London’s Famous share ‘Nice While It Lasted’, a warped and destructive vision.

Following on from their soul-baring and anxiety-inducing 2019 EP England – written and recorded at a turbulent time for the band personally – London trio Famous are back with a new single named Nice While It Lasted. Songwriter Jack Merrett states that, “Nice While It Lasted was recorded in London between March and June 2020. It’s a song about losing my way.”

There’s a leanness to the band’s 2020 material, the re-configured London three-piece build warped and destructive instrumental textures that sit between ear-splitting noise and relentless post–post rhythm. Jack Merrett’s solitary vocal delivery shudders tumultuously over the track, anchored only by the narrative. For the listener it’s excruciating lying in wait for the next flip of his lyrical coin toss, creating a nightmare-esque and foreboding vision.

The band’s new release arrives via untitled (recs) and finds the trio re-calibrating their coordinates. From their distinctive artwork to their futuristic sounding and industrial-leaning post-punk, Famous’ music always feels a step ahead of the pack.