Bristol’s Post Yoga share the low-key electronica of new single ‘Phil’.

Post Yoga is the solo project of Bristol-based musician Chris Barrett (previously of South-West duo Something Anorak). His new single Phil was recorded on the floor of his mate’s flat utilising a low-cost Yamaha keyboard purchased in true bargain hunting fashion from his local charity shop, a steal at £4. Fusing layers of low-key yet detailed electronica alongside a hypnotic and chesty beat, Post Yoga meld euphoric choruses with melodic verses.

The single creates a left-field pop sound that echoes both the roots of it’s bedroom production and the dancehalls to which it’s sound reaches for. Songwriter Chris Barrett reflects that, “Post Yoga became a new challenge, I felt like a novice, messing about with a new toy and seeing where I could take it. From the outset I knew I wanted to create pop songs and to only use the Yamaha PSS-170 to create them, it allowed the project to develop its own aesthetic.“

The project Post Yoga has developed in 2020 into one of fragility and human emotion, seemingly born out of the need for a new challenge and to strip one’s passion for music back to it’s raw and exciting core elements. The Bristol outfit’s lyrical output discusses “.. someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions”, and arrives via Nothing Fancy Records. Phil will be released on limited edition cassette on 27th November, featuring a cover of XTC’s Making Plans for Nigel. The new single has also recently been remixed by The Golden Dregs’ Benjamin Woods. Find the band on Spotify here.

By Karl Johnson