Japanese electronic-rock duo Paris death Hilton reveal debut LP.

Both seductive and destructive ‘Age Of Death’ is a strong opening statement by the Tokyo duo.


Paris death Hilton aren’t meant to be understood. Their music is a frantic rush of blood to the head, a heavy dose of dopamine or perhaps just two friends from Japan doing their thing. The Tokyo duo utilize drums and synthesizer to create a beat-driven, experimental electronic story of life for each track on their debut LP, Age Of Death.

As you’d imagine, there isn’t a standout single in sight. Instead, a collective body of sound tearing at the seams of electronic and rock music which assaults us track by track and punch by punch. Personal stand out moments are likely those I’d have chosen as singles, celebcore, 192 tentacles and panty blast – a collision of Battles, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Late Of The Pier.

But, ignore the whole record in one straight listen at your personal peril, over 11 tracks and 40 minutes Paris death Hilton will overwhelm you with exciting ideas and mind-altering passages of sound, but never bore you. Find the band on Spotify here.

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