Newcomers DEADLETTER reveal new single ‘Fit For Work’.

London’s DEADLETTER fight against social injustice on sophomore release.


Cancelled festivals, the eradication of mosh pits and a warped methodology to online dating, for many it’s a distressing road ahead. With one eye tentatively open, and the other firmly closed shut, what does the future look like? Would we even want to glance into that crystal ball?

One band unafraid to shine a spotlight on the ugly truth of reality are DEADLETTER. On new single Fit For Work, the quartet shed a troubling yet necessary light on the current face of 2020 Britain. As full-bodied guitars strum expectantly alongside pulsating percussion, the Londoners master the art of anticipation. Vocalist Zac Woolley acts as our humble raconteur, juxtaposing the narrative’s ill-fated characters against the dispassionate sentiments of the single’s apathetic title.

DEADLETTER’s sophomore single demonstrates the band’s envious ability to whip up a frenzy, as they take aim at the Department for Work and Pensions. A feral world of exaggerated injustice, Fit For Work is potent in it’s social message and itches for the limelight of a live setting. Let’s hope that day is in the not too distant future. Find the band on Spotify here.

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