A swirling, psych-fuelled post-punk strut by Normal Average People.

Cut from their debut EP, The London newcomers grind through the gears on ‘Lemo // Memo’.


As we enter the final phase of what has been a tumultuous British summertime, to say the least, the moment has arrived for a dose of sonic sunshine. With humble beer gardens open for socially distant business and gig venues plotting a comeback, we’re pleased to premiere the latest toe-stomping single ‘Lemo // Memo’ from South East London post-punk outfit, Normal Average People.

Finding their pace in light-footed percussion, the duo canter assuredly along their wild west inspired melody. Not dissimilar to a cowboy standoff, stabbing guitars interject sporadically as a psychedelic soundscape takes shape. As if shimmering in the heat of the midday sun, sizzling hooks pulsate around alt-rock riffs, echoing the tropical flavours of a feel-good Parquet Courts number.

This latest single is taken from Gillbanks and producer Emil Lloyd’s forthcoming debut EP ‘The Moon Saloon’. Inspired by the backroom of the bar in which they were formerly employed, the pair would sneak equipment in throughout the week and rehearse when no one was looking. A punk and DIY ethos can be felt throughout Normal Average People’s debut EP, having been recorded live in the depths of a warehouse space in Peckham.

A fierce follow up to previous single ‘Baggy Ankles’, the London band’s new creation demonstrates Normal Average People’s ability to produce an upbeat melody, without compromising on their gritty foundations. No doubt best served on a hot day with a chilled pint in hand, this single oozes vibrant festival flavours. If we can’t go to a festival this year then at least we can listen to ‘Lemo // Memo’ on repeat.