‘What’s On The TV?’ – There’s new Blackaby.

Taken from their upcoming EP, Blackaby have shared a new video.


As the music industry stares blankly into the void of a precarious future, it’s apparent that muso morale is at an all time low. If ever there was a moment that required a feel-good indie hedonist at the helm, it’s now. Whether the stars have aligned, or this is simply good timing, Kent born singer-songwriter William Blackaby has stepped up to the expectant plate, releasing his infectiously upbeat single, ‘What’s On The TV?’.

As the melody takes rapid flight, the London based songwriter matches hard-edged garage rock riffs with searing alt pop hooks. Blackaby’s clear-cut vocals flourish, making toe-tapping light of their somewhat cynical lyrics. Delivering an all too relatable utterance such as, “What’s on the TV? Is there milk in the fridge, is the bathroom pretty clean?” with unphased zeal, we’re offered a serene moment of carefree release (cue the loner bedroom boogie).

Like the uncool sceptic at the very cool party, the track’s accompanying music video unearths hard-bitten meaning amidst a whirlpool of visual fun. Not straying from the audio’s sentiments, the video elevates mundane grievances to playful and captivating heights. With the same ‘stuck in your head for days on end’ appeal of a Maccabees or Mystery Jets number, the single proves a sure-fire way to keep us smiling through the uncertain year ahead.

‘What’s On The TV?’ is the title track to Blackaby’s forthcoming debut EP, released July 24th. If this single is anything to go on, they’re certainly the kind of band to shake the can before popping.

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