‘Walk With Me’, the new release by Margot.

Margot sign to Full Time Hobby Records and share video for their new single.


The clean guitars and studio-tweaked vocal purity on ‘Walk With Me’ show that Margot draw plenty of inspiration from the gentle indie of Doves and Elbow. But this song isn’t stuck in the mid 00’s. With modern influences and a bass line Kevin Parker would be proud of, Margot have placed themselves very much in the here and now.

‘Walk With Me’ is a pleasantly sparse tune. This is a rare gem from a five piece band; often songs like this get crowded out as too many ideas get thrown into the mix. Not so with Margot, who are keen to favour individual minimalism as they come together in harmony. The choruses aren’t the anthemic head rush some listeners might be expecting. The switch-up from the verses is quite subtle, which befits the song but leaves it with no discernible hook.

With a “Mist camping in my mind” described as “So hard to explain” singer Alex Hannaway reflects on his chaotic mental state. Imploring he is also ready to learn and grow from hearing other people’s point of view, Hannaway offers a relevant and worthy sentiment for 2020. The light melodic lines allow his voice to take centre stage, floating dreamlike and uninhibited as he expresses his desire to cleanse his mind and move forward.

‘Walk With Me’ is a song of detachment, never truly in the realm of lucidity or sleep. Its gentle peaks lift the mood without spoiling the calmer sections, as the song gradually builds to a finish which is a bit early. It could easily have a double chorus or longer outro, but in a way that’s a good thing – ‘Walk With Me’ feels well worth it’s sub-four minute runtime. It’s a sweet song that will make your thoughts drift away.

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