The Wytches return with ‘Cowboy’.

Back from the brink, The Wytches return on devastating new form.


After what has been quite the hiatus, The Wytches are back in utterly glorious form with new single ‘Cowboys’. The Brighton outfit return equipped with their signature doom-laden surf rock sound, whilst delving into the sludge filled soundscape that defined their 2016 LP ‘All Your Happy Life’.

Accompanied by a Rick and Morty style artwork and psychedelic visualizer, ‘Cowboys’ is in a way an amalgamation of their two albums to date. It feels like a ‘best of The Wytches’ sound with a timely sprinkle of country-soaked garage rock, conjuring visions of Black Lips or Goat Girl. Beguiling and spellbinding with a touch of goth melancholy, new single ‘Cowboys’ could soundtrack riding through the nightmarish barren outlands of the Wild West.

Sink into ‘Cowboys’ on Spotify here, the trio are truly back and are ready to drag us all into their shadow realm.

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