Post-punk unit Normal Average People unveil ‘Baggy Ankles’.

The South East London band unleash raging new single.


Born in a South East London bedroom and recorded live in a hidden warehouse space, newcomers Normal Average People have embraced the DIY ethos of their neighbouring post-punk associates with the release of second straight-talking single ‘Baggy Ankles’.

In keeping with the sentiments that their band name suggests, ‘Baggy Ankles’ paints a shaded grey narrative, capturing the lives of each deadbeat character parading the same street as our discontented raconteur-cum-frontman, Sam Gillbanks. As the melody progresses at a steady trundling pace, we morph into Gillbanks’ heel-dragging, hood-up footsteps.

The immense effect of the live aesthetic arrives as we reach the climatic bridge, full-bodied guitar sounds echo from the walls of the Peckham warehouse in which it was recorded. In contrast to the singer’s previously untamed vocal exclamations, Gillbanks’ melodious vocal delivery finds a dynamic groove, before unleashing a final burst of uncut exhilarating energy.

Normal Average People showcases the new London duo’s grittier songwriting abilities without compromising a keen attention to detail. ‘Baggy Ankles’ marks the second in a four-part release of live single recordings, the band have certainly caught our attention.

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