Mystic Peach challenge the stigma against mental health.

South-coast favourites Mystic Peach release ‘Normal’, a story of alienation and self-consciousness.


Following on from the likes of Hotel Lux and Drug Store Romeos from the often under-looked part of the country in terms of emerging music, being Hampshire, the anthropomorphic mystical fruit Mystic Peach have been carving a name for themselves in a short-time. The Southampton trio who mould psychedelia, garage-rock, shoegaze and scuzzed-out indie have unleashed a new single ‘Normal’ – an angst-filled sonic-chasm that’s released via Bandcamp.

After recently having their tour across France with Temples cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, as well as being unable to make their U.S tour dates, Mystic Peach have sadly had a calamitous start to 2020, but luckily that hasn’t stopped their output. Morphing their influences, Mystic Peach have released ‘Normal’ (a release previously exclusive to 7″ label Flying Vinyl) with all money from sales going to Tonic Music For Mental Health, a not-for-profit organisation based on the south-coast that challenges the stigma of mental health through the medium of music.

On the single itself, guitarist/ vocalist Curtis Gale explains: “The song is about alienation, self-consciousness & rebelling. Life moves fast and I wasn’t up for it. I’ve seen what this ‘normal’ life can do, 9-5 routines and shitty public transport where people can’t even look at one another in the eye. I don’t want to be a part of it”.

Mystic Peach are a blistering force, witness the monstrous coil of psychedelia, shoegaze and fuzz-pop that is ‘Normal’ from one of the most exciting acts on the south-coast right now. It’s a song of reflection and feeling distanced from the modern world, poignant in these times of self-isolation and quarantine.

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