Bob Vylan delivers powerful message on race and bigotry.

Hardcore Punk fused with a cutting melting pot of grime, Bob Vylan and ‘We Live Here’.


Grime is the new Punk. Or perhaps it was. I suppose being termed ‘punk’ is having the ability to confront issues not everyone has the spirit or cause to. Whatever your thoughts, Bob Vylan is punk. ‘We Live Here’, the new single, leans on the more traditional Hardcore punk guitar sound complimenting some of the most soul-stirring verses you’ll hear this year.

Touching on growing up in dreary Britain, racism, acceptance and bigotry, Bob Vylan tells a story of growing up in this country. Hard to hear for some, a reality for many, Bob Vylan’s lyrical output and noisy back catalogue so far moves between everything that Punk should be nowadays. It’s in your face, controversial, thought-provoking and damn right danceable.

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