NEW MUSIC: Fake Shape – 'It's Easy'.

Canadian quintet Fake Shape glide between jazz-addled Indie to ambient electronica in one swift movement.


There are five individuals from Hamilton, Ontario that make up newcomers Fake Shape. With such different influences through each instrument played on Fake Shape‘s new single ‘It’s Easy’, you’d be surprised the track isn’t a foggy mess.

Synthesizers caught between dull and fizzing provide the perfect backdrop to the dancing vocal on ‘It’s Easy’, and what a vocal range it is. The bass guitar rumbles and the drums spark with a jazz influence that leaves the rhythm feeling beautifully off-kilter. Guitars elegantly follow suit, as the track adds layer upon layer to it’s previously spacious feeling, every second more anxiety-inducing.

The riffs get meatier, the electronic elements build into mind-melting territory with backing vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on an early Daft Punk record. Strange? Not at all, these five digits fit like a new glove.


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