NEW MUSIC: Hotel Lux – ‘Eddie’s Gaff’.

London’s Hotel Lux offer up a taste of their upcoming EP ‘Barstool Preaching’ with new tune ‘Eddie’s Gaff’.

Eddie’s Gaff is a cosmopolitan shit hole. Waking up and getting your Dexy’s-denim caught in those gauzy floral curtains, the kind that seem to haunt our nations front with the most irritatingly recognisable aesthetic, you watch the sun struggle through any crack it can lay its selectively needy hands on and sigh.

It’s just another day, in a long line of internaldawning’s.

London’s Hotel Lux are like a tailered pair of vintage, pinstripe dungarees complete with tightly-stringed fastening. A timelessly fitted response to faded youth and even seedier “adulthood”, there’s just enough easy-rollin’ swoon for this to count as an anthem for the adolescently aching but don’t be fooled, there’s no rose-tinted romancing to be had here. Wake up, face your worst self and get moving on because this day won’t hang around for no new beginnings.


As much as Eddie’s Gaff is inescapable it’s a base for chorused eagerness – a driven safe space for trying to make sense of the scene’s we’re shifting in and making something, not just anything… but something embodied, out of nothing.

Not afraid to call-out the shots and expense attitudes the morning-after, Hotel Lux keep going and growing and going back-again to the source of their own ventures. Banding together in a big-city circus that’s literal concept is to cushion its youth in a polluted aura of last night’s tobacco dust and ‘get the fuck out there and craft’, pub-rock solitudes and nightly looming’s are no match.

We’re being taunted by our own desired displacements and honestly, it’s addictive. Hotel Lux‘s EP ‘Barstool Preaching’ will arrive April 24th via Nice Swan Records.



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