Caught between anxiety and a dreamworld of spacious post-punk, we welcome 80s-feel Bristol newcomers DAMEFRISØR.

Making a case – tune-by-tune – to be one of the most exciting new alternative bands in the West Country are DAMEFRISØR, pronounced (dame-e-frizz-yuor). Today we’re premiering their new single ‘And You Know’ out this Friday (February 21st).

Their debut single ‘Huile’, released back in November of 2019, is a high-octane helping of sprawling post-punk. The track’s vocal delivery echoed the anxious energy of Strange House-era The Horrors, whilst the band’s relentless instrumental drive transported their sound into the rawer and more industrial late 70s/ early 80s world of post-punk.

‘And You Know’ is DAMEFRISØR‘s latest offering and is built on spacious layers of guitar and walls of industrial sound. Tight-knit drumming throbs like a heightened heartbeat whilst bass lines rumble, as the Bristol quintet’s wave of instrumental emotion washes over you.

The band offer an insight into the tracks story and say, “And You Know is a song about something we’ve noticed around us and I’m sure you’ve noticed too. A lot of people get away with things they shouldn’t; they get free passes because they’re popular or funny, we don’t rate it”.

Their lyrical message becomes clear at the midway point, as the track gives way to a spoken word segment allowing DAMEFRISØR to clear the air, before we’re washed away once again.

DAMEFRISØR play live tomorrow (February 20th) at Thunderbolt, Bristol alongside joy. All details here.


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