EP REVIEW: Legss – ‘Writhing Comedy’.


Throw your MacBook into the Thames. Guitar music isn’t dead! Not by a long shot. Introducing: Legss. 

Where do you start with this EP by London newcomers Legss? First of all, it owes as much sonic lineage to post-rock as it does to post-punk, too specific? There’s a bit in it which reminds me of the scratchy and raucous charm of early The Libertines, no?

Opening track ‘Mark/ Martin’ uses guitar to portray an other-worldly existence through warped tones and textures. The track builds and explodes into a ball of ferocious stop-start energy displaying the sort of two-sided approach that Pixies explored in the late 80’s.

“… my ex-wife had warned me about graduates with rings before she ran off and married the Crack Magazine news editor..”


I love the restraint on the introduction to ‘Writhing Comedy’, guitars mimic the repetitive sound and thud of heavy machinery whilst the drumming keeps it unique, minimal yet always building. I’d buy the instrumental track alone.

Quick instrumental changes and a vocal and lyrical performance by frontman Edward Green, that documents his off-kilter yet strangely relatable comic vision of modern day London, defines an EP that balances genre-melding guitar music with semi-lucid daydreams of life in London.

Before Christmas, Legss released a book of monologues and short stories entitled ‘Good News Horse’. The release “.. serves to give an insight into the imagery and aesthetic of the group’s creative process; showcasing their range of literary and artistic interests, as well as returning to the lyrical themes of precarity and disenchantment that punctuated their
debut EP Writhing Comedy”. Guitar music isn’t dead, in fact it hasn’t been this fearless and creative for years.


Jan 24th – Legss at The Social, London.



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