NEW MUSIC: Talk Show – ‘Banshee’.

New Music
London’s new wave newcomers Talk Show share ‘Banshee’ from upcoming debut EP.

Talk Show‘s lyrics explore romance in the everyday, they dream of simple love, talk of simple things but their sentiments land large upon unsuspecting ears. We dig their new track, it’s called ‘Banshee’.

Frontman Harrison Swann’s vocal delivery, cut between spoken word and singing, touches a chord with it’s sense of detail and theatre. The new track sees the frontman explore his vocal range further showing a touching new angle on Talk Show‘s new wave nuance.

‘Banshee’ is the new single, and it’s cut from more traditional late 70’s/ 80’s new wave cloth than it’s more contemporary sounding post-punk predecessors. But then again,  ‘Ankle Deep (In A Warm Glass Of Water)’ was the sonic bridge right? ‘Banshee’ is the first glimpse of Talk Show‘s debut EP ‘These People’ out March 27th on Council Records.

The London four-piece hit the road in April for a UK tour with a huge show at London’s Lafayette on April 23rd. If you haven’t seen them live already, now is the time.


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