NEW MUSIC: Ellie Bleach – ‘Jackie O’.

With honestly as her weapon of choice, Ellie Bleach returns with her finest release to date.

London-based artist Ellie Bleach has returned with a new single entitled ‘Jackie O’, a follow up to the superb ‘Leave Me Alone’. Combining groove-addled bass lines and organ-like synths, Bleach has returned with her finest work to date.

‘Jackie O’ pulls the alternative pop artist into new territory, the witty and dry lyrical delivery is still superbly on point, but added to the mix is an addictive momentum built with synthesizers that fizz and bubble under the surface of sadness.

As always, storytelling and an off-kilter vocal delivery is at the forefront of Bleach’s music. The “diss track” finds her firing on all cylinders with honesty as her weapon of choice, and a knack for finding comic relief in the more upsetting times in life.

Bleach mentions: “The first half of Jackie O was written about one specific person who I wanted to stay furious at. Then I realised, this song could just as easily be about anyone else I’ve ever fallen for. By the end of ‘Jackie O’ you can tell I’m not just singing about my ‘JFK’ any more – but every guy that’s ever cared about their ‘image’ more than their own partner.”



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