EP REVIEW: Career – ‘Career’.

Photo – Nina Radel (Bands on Film)

London’s career unveil thrilling self-tiled EP alongside a video for new single ‘Deeper Life’.

London’s career have unveiled a new self-titled EP full of hard-hitting art rock promise. As danceable as it is raw and unsettling, the band power through 5 tracks and an interlude with all the energy and technical prowess of new guitar heroes Omni and Crack Cloud.

Opening the EP is rapid fire opener ‘Warm Blood’, angular guitar lines cut like glass through the rolling rhythm section and break down with a cry of “…I’m quite aware that circumstance can change, where were you for the first part of last week”, the track touching on the subtle difficulties of life through a ball of pent-up post-punk energy.

‘Low Painting’ is underpinned by a sleek bass line and high-pitched guitar flourishes that create a tense math rock atmosphere. A raging vocal delivery, ranging from almost spoken word to high energy punk, completes a track that stands out with it’s sharp social commentary. ‘Dice’ finds career at their most groove-orientated, hypnotic bass guitar meets stop-start lead guitar as the band journey into art rock territory all guns blazing.

‘Lowest Point’ opens with a mesmerising and somewhat panic-inducing math rock urgency, the track’s raw approach moving into the realms of industrial rock and standing out on the EP as a more daring move, and a fantastic move it is. ‘Deeper Life’ picks up the pace as razor-sharp and lightning-fuelled guitar play leads a cut and thrust chase for the meaning of our day to day existence, “.. wanting and getting, having is nothing, wanting and getting, something for nothing”.

career know when to be playful, where to be ferocious and when to be daring, and drag the listener through a bush backwards on a thrilling, genre-bending ride through modern guitar music.


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By Karl Johnson

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