NEW MUSIC: Margot – ‘Taken by Age’.

London’s Margot return with devastatingly beautiful new single ‘Taken by Age’.

Margot have a knack for writing touching dream pop, lyrics drenched in emotion, guitar lines that pull on the heartstrings and an overall instrumental performance that stops you in your tracks. The latest edition to their back catalogue being no exception.

The band’s new release ‘Taken by Age’ is a journey through time and memory, vocals glide over references of something lost and something beautiful as guitars drift in and out of focus recalling the beauty of The Smiths.

‘Taken by Age’ pulls you softly through it’s story and explores in depth emotion, touching on how memories can help lead you through the quieter or darker moments in life. Every track the band have released so far has secrets to unlock within, lyrical treasures to discover and moments to hold dear.  


NEW MUSIC: Margot – ‘Arles’.

NEW MUSIC: deep tan – ‘Shimmer’.

INTERVIEW: Max Bloom (Yuck) – “Going solo, taking risks and Yuck”.


By Karl Johnson

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