NEW MUSIC: deep tan – ‘Shimmer’

London’s deep tan reveal new double A-side single in ‘Shimmer/ Constant Inconsistencies’.

What is obvious about London trio deep tan immediately is their ability to create a beautiful chorus, what strikes me secondly about ‘Shimmer’ is the instrumentation. The band’s ability to create an otherworldly atmosphere with bare-bones instrumentation is impressive, a hard backbone of drums, minimal bass which builds into hypnotic touches of measured guitar. Then the vocals are just something else. Foals’ debut record offered up piercing and mesmeric guitarwork in a similar vein.

I understand the comparisons to Warpaint, and in particular their debut EP ‘Exquisite Corpse’ which offered a demo-esque intricate dream pop soundscape, but deep tan offer up much more than just this. On ‘Constant Inconsistencies’, part of the band’s AA-side release, they channel South Bronx legends ESG, less funk-inspired and more dance leaning but totally lean instrumentally with a uncompromising, driving rhythm which shows a different angle to their influences. See ‘Come Away With ESG’, the band’s 1983 debut LP for a reference point.

With ‘Air’, deep tan‘s debut, they moved with a devastatingly cool pop mentality, a track that struck hard emotionally and was predominately sung in French with electronic undertones. ‘Shimmer’ touches the same reference points but further cements the band’s love of intricate yet somehow spacious dream pop, vocals move within you and conjure images of past memories leaving every emotion for the taking. I’m sold.


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By Karl Johnson

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