PREMIERE: Fake Turins – ‘False Sympathies’.

With rhythm and groove as their friend, Fake Turins unleash the kinetic frenzy of ‘False Sympathies’.

We’re very pleased at Hard Of Hearing HQ to be premiering the new video for ‘False Sympathies’ by London collective Fake Turins.

You may have caught them live at SET in Dalston supporting Cardiff’s Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard at our Hard Of Hearing presents show back in July, we’ve been fans ever since. The video for ‘False Sympathies’ makes up one side of the release, with the superb ‘Star Child’ on the reverse.

“Don’t ask me why, you’ve got a bit of fever in your mind, and you know what’s right, that you’ve been wasting all of our time” sings Dominic Rose as ‘False Sympathies’ immediately gathers groove with a bass line and drumbeat that screams “DANCE!”.

Funk-flickered guitars attack the groove and eventually push the track into semi-psychedelic regions, before being brought down to earth with the thud of a bass guitar. As the track moves on deeper shades of electronica are introduced as ‘False Sympathies’ becomes a force of it’s own, swaying left and right with overlapping vocals, fizzing electronic textures alongside a snapping off-kilter vocal delivery.

Fake Turins build their story effortlessly and bring us into their hypnotic world of rhythm, there’s a lot to discover, and a lot to love in ‘False Sympathies’.


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By Karl Johnson

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