NEW MUSIC: Mellah – ‘Death, Pillage, Plunder’.

Mellah return with their first release of 2019, the self-examination of ‘Death, Pillage, Plunder’.

‘Death, Pillage, Plunder’ is Mellah‘s first release of 2019. It arrives timely as Liam Ramsden and Co gear up for a headline show at Corsica Studios, London on November 7th.

Mellah is the vision of London’s Liam Ramsden, and a form of sonic activism, music for deep thinking. Real life stories of societal inequality, racism, gender bias amongst others, mark the project as something extremely special.

The London band’s newest release ‘Death, Pillage, Plunder’,  is a process of self-examination. Ramsden looks inward and reveals his own self-doubt and human feeling. Shining a light on a state of social numbness, he allows us a glimpse into the eyes and the soul of an artist who constantly questions himself and his craft.

Death Pillage plunder is about Mauerbauertraurigkeit…(it) is the inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends and family whom you love and who love you and the inability to distinguish between genuine affection and cheap politeness.”


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NEW MUSIC: The Wants – ‘Fear My Society’. 


By Karl Johnson

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