NEW MUSIC: Margot – ‘Arles’.

Drift into a dream-like state with ‘Arles’, by south London’s Margot.

Some artists just come into your life at the right time and blow you away. From the off, ‘Arles’ just grabbed me, but it took a midsummer evening staring out of my bedroom window, for it to really hit me.

The most recent release by south London quintet Margot is an intimate and breathtaking affair. ‘Arles’ encapsulates love, romance and feeling like no other track I’ve experienced for a while, both the overwhelming beauty and the sheer hopelessness of it all.

The track’s lyrical delivery gently pulls you through somebody else’s memory, to a place so personal, a story between two people. Lost in a cinematic landscape between shimmering rhythm, and ghostly lead guitars, the softly spoken vocal delivery on ‘Arles’ captures your heart in an instant. Taken by the rolling groove, we’re walked through a roman town, through bustling crowds, finding solace in the arms of a loved one.

Reminiscent of ‘Hospice’-era The Antlers, with their strong storytelling nature and devastatingly perfect instrumentation, Margot help you drift into a dream-like state. The London five-piece will play the Lexington on October 21st as part of a Hard Of Hearing presents show supporting DIY-pop lot Tugboat Captain. Tickets here.


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By Karl Johnson

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